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Discover AEPS®-3: the most powerful assessment and curriculum system for ensuring real progress for every young child, from the first months of life through kindergarten.

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AEPS-3 helps you strengthen school readiness for every child by tracking and supporting core skills across all areas of development. Collect the assessment data you need, run reports with just a few clicks, seamlessly link test results with teaching and intervention, and actively engage families as partners.

I never thought I’d say I was excited to administer an assessment on my students, but after looking at the new AEPS-3, that’s exactly what I’m feeling!
Early Childhood Class-Based Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools

Learn how AEPS-3 works

How APES Works

Turn data into action with AEPS-3

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Results you can trust

AEPS-3 is backed by 40+ years of scientifically valid research and reflects feedback from thousands of users.

Powerful data management and reporting

Run robust reports in seconds with AEPSi, the web-based system that streamlines reporting and data management.

Captures even the smallest gains in growth

Get the full picture of a child’s progress with AEPS-3, which captures small increments that other tools miss.

Activity-based teaching that fits into your day

Support every child's progress during everyday routines with differentiated instruction in 8 key developmental areas.

Multi-tiered strategies for all children

Easily match tiered teaching and intervention strategies—universal, focused, and specialized supports—with children's individual needs.

Connect teaching with assessment results

The tiered curriculum is clearly linked with the AEPS-3 Test, so you can design teaching strategies that get results.

Measure school readiness skills

A shorter, faster tool, Ready-Set quickly assess the core skills children need to be successful in kindergarten and first grade.

Perfect for Head Start and preschool

Helps programs with limited resources assess children efficiently and meet evaluation requirements.

Seamless link with AEPS-3 Test

Ready-Set items come from the AEPS-3 Test, and a child can seamlessly move to the full test if needed.