OSEP Accountability

Using AEPS-3 for OSEP Accountability

AEPS®-3 is ideally suited to help your program meet federal accountability mandates from the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) for tracking data on child outcomes. As one of the most reliable and valid curriculum-based assessments available, AEPS-3 and the online system AEPS®i help you not only easily generate the required OSEP child outcomes reports, but also accurately measure and demonstrate progress for children with disabilities.

Aligned outcomes

Aligned with OSEP child outcomes

Our alignment of AEPS-3 Test items with OSEP child outcomes has been expertly validated, so you can rest assured that child outcomes data reported are accurate and genuine measures of OSEP outcomes. With reliable data, you can better tailor interventions to the child’s needs and be confident that your exit data will show progress.

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Robust OSEP reporting

The AEPSi system includes several reports to assist in reporting child outcomes to your state or district, including OSEP category, ratings, and summary reports. And with the new AEPSi Hub subscription, states can run reports with aggregated data across their programs.

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Measures progress in children with disabilities

Unlike other tools, AEPS-3 captures small increments of progress so you can measure skills, recognize growth, and effectively support child development. This makes a crucial difference for children with delays, because their progress can easily go unnoticed by less sensitive instruments with wide gaps between test items.

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More effective interventions

You’ll use the data elicited by the AEPS-3 Test to develop quality IFSP/IEP goals and outcomes. A list of sample goals for each test item is provided, and each item is linked to tiered teaching strategies in the AEPS-3 Curriculum. Individualized goals and interventions will lead to real progress for children—progress that will show on your exit reports to OSEP.