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Sample Materials

Explore the AEPS®-3 system with our extensive collection of sample materials. Review sample forms and read excerpts from the volumes.


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Sample Forms


AEPS®-3 Child Observation Data Form

See a sample AEPS-3 CODF to learn more about AEPS-3 Test Areas, Strands, Goals, and Objectives.

Download English


AEPS®-3 Ready-Set

View a sample AEPS-3 Ready-Set to learn more about this new, shorter assessment focused on school readiness skills.


AEPS®-3 Family Report

See a completed Family Report, which helps families share important, useful information about child and family needs, as well as family concerns and priorities.


AEPS®-3 Family Assessment of Child Skills

See a completed Family Assessment of Child Skills, which collects detailed input about a child’s developmental skills from a family member or familiar adult.


AEPS®-3 Child Progress Record

See a completed excerpt of the Child Progress Record, which provides a family-friendly visual display of the skills a child has achieved.


AEPS®-3 Quick Reference Guide – Fine Motor

View the Quick Reference Guide for the Fine Motor area. With one guide for each area and one for the Ready-Set, these handy, on-the-go guides provide the test items and criteria in a clear, convenient format.


AEPS®-3 Skills Matrix: Social-Emotional

See the Skills Matrix for the Social-Emotional area. This grid links test items with activities and routines across all three levels of the curriculum, helping you plan teaching and intervention.

AEPS®-3 Center-Based Assessment Activity

See a sample center-based assessment activity, a semi-structured activity that helps professionals observe skills on the AEPS-3 Test for one child or small groups of children. Sets of 8 activities for center-based and home settings are provided.

Volume Excerpts


AEPS®-3 User’s Guide, Volume 1

Read this User’s Guide excerpt for an overview of the AEPS-3 framework and a discussion of the AEPS-3 system components.


AEPS®-3 Assessment, Volume 2

View this excerpt for an overview of the AEPS-3 Test, including content and organization and potential uses for test outcomes.


AEPS®-3 Curriculum—Beginning, Volume 3

Read this excerpt for an overview of the AEPS-3 Curriculum framework and view the Meals & Snacks chapter from the Beginning level.


AEPS®-3 Curriculum—Growing, Volume 4

Get an overview of the AEPS-3 Curriculum framework and view the Music & Movement chapter from the Growing level.


AEPS®-3 Curriculum—Ready, Volume 5

Read this excerpt for an overview of the AEPS-3 Curriculum framework and view the Math chapter from the Ready level.