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A highly secure, mobile-friendly system, AEPSi helps you effectively and efficiently implement AEPS-3.

AEPS-3 Complete Kit

This Complete Kit contains all the products you need to implement AEPS‐3.


AEPS-3 User’s Guide

This comprehensive and reader-friendly guide helps you use the AEPS-3 system accurately and effectively.


AEPS-3 Assessment

The assessment volume includes administration and scoring instructions, plus the test items, criteria, and examples for the eight developmental areas.


AEPS-3 Curriculum–Beginning

The Beginning curriculum focuses on foundational skills that typically developing children acquire in the first year to 18 months of life.


AEPS-3 Curriculum–Growing

The Growing curriculum covers skills that typically appear during the toddler years.


AEPS-3 Curriculum–Ready

The Ready curriculum covers more complex developmental and early academic skills that are considered important for school success.


AEPS-3 Forms USB

USB with printable PDFs of AEPS‐3 forms in English and Spanish, plus includes handouts for families, Assessment Activities, and helpful planning forms.


AEPS-3 Quick Reference Guides

Set of 9 handy, on‐the‐go guides with AEPS‐3 Test items and criteria for all 8 areas, plus Ready-Set, in a clear, convenient format.


AEPS-3 Child Observation Data Forms

Sold in packs of 5, this data form helps professionals gather child assessment data in all 8 AEPS-3 developmental areas across 3 time periods.


AEPS-3 Family Report

Sold in packs of 10, this form helps families share important information about the child and family needs, as well as family concerns and priorities.


AEPS-3 Ready-Set forms

Sold in packs of 10, this form helps professionals gather child assessment data on skills needed for school readiness and early school success.