Customized teaching & intervention made easy

After the assessment, the AEPS®-3 Curriculum turns data into actionable goals. Explicitly linked with the AEPS-3 Test, the friendly, revamped curriculum helps you design individualized teaching and intervention strategies that get results.

The AEPS-3 Curriculum will help focus my instruction and progress monitoring.
Teacher, University of Kentucky Early Childhood Lab

Multi-tiered systems of support

The customizable curriculum shows you what and how to teach children who are learning at different levels. Support young children’s individual needs with universal, focused, and specialized strategies at the Beginning, Growing, and Ready levels.

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Activity-based instruction that fits into your day 

Perfect for teaching in a home or classroom setting, the curriculum taps into almost every aspect of your day with strategies for 18 daily routines and activities—including circle time, toileting, mealtime, sleep, and early academic skills.

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Support skills across developmental areas

AEPS-3 curriculum content addresses skills across all domains of development: Fine Motor; Gross Motor; Adaptive; Social-Emotional; Social-Communication; Cognitive; Literacy; and Math.

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See how the activity-based, multitiered curriculum helps early childhood professionals support every child’s development with differentiated instruction.

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AEPS-3 Curriculum in AEPSi

We know how important your job is, and how challenging your busy schedule can be. That’s why AEPSinteractive (AEPSi) was specially designed to make your job easier. With the highly secure, mobile-friendly AEPSi, you can see at a glance the AEPS-3 test items/skills addressed within each activity, embedded learning opportunities for children, and strategies for each tier of each curriculum level.

Discover the other benefits of AEPSi—including automated scoring, easy reporting, and group assessment options!


AEPS-3 User’s Guide

A comprehensive and reader-friendly guide to using the AEPS-3 system accurately and effectively.


AEPS-3 Curriculum–Beginning

The Beginning curriculum focuses on foundational skills that typically developing children acquire in the first year to 18 months of life.


AEPS-3 Curriculum–Growing

The Growing curriculum covers skills that typically appear during the toddler years.


AEPS-3 Curriculum–Ready

The Ready curriculum covers more complex developmental and early academic skills that are considered important for school success.