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Welcome to the new AEPS® Blog, your source for practical guidance, free downloads, and special announcements about the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children. Our goal is to bring you a regular infusion of information about the trusted AEPS system—knowledge that will help you make the most of AEPS-3 and ensure better outcomes for young children and their families.

Follow the blog for:

  • Q&As with AEPS-3 developers and users
  •  Practical tips on how to use specific AEPS-3 features
  • Posts on key topics like partnering with families and developing IFSPs/IEPs
  • Free printables—posters, tip sheets, and more
  • Case stories that highlight how other programs use AEPS-3
  • Sample AEPS-3 activities and forms
  • Guidance on using the online system, AEPSi
  • Important announcements and updates about the AEPS-3 system

We’re excited to support your daily work with children and families through the AEPS blog. Stay tuned for essential information on maximizing AEPS-3—and if there’s a specific topic you’d like us to feature or a question you’d like us to answer on the blog, please share your idea in the comments below!