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AEPS-3 Alignments with State Standards


As one of the highest quality curriculum-based assessments available, AEPS®-3 can be trusted to help you meet both state and national guidelines for early learning and developmentally appropriate practice. How exactly do AEPS-3 Test items align with state early learning and development standards across the country? We’ve put together helpful, in-depth charts that illuminate these important connections so you can be sure AEPS-3 is meeting your program’s specific needs.

Our current list of state alignments is below—stay tuned for more as the list is updated. View the alignments to see how the early learning guidelines in your state align with the areas, strands, goals, and objectives of AEPS®-3!

Alaska                                       Minnesota

Arkansas                                   New Hampshire

Colorado                                   New York

District of Columbia                North Carolina

Florida                                       North Dakota

Georgia                                     Ohio

Illinois                                       Oregon

Indiana                                      South Carolina

Iowa                                          Tennessee

Kansas                                       Texas

Kentucky                                   Virginia

Louisiana                                   Washington

Maine                                         Wisconsin


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