6.23_Updated cutoff scores

NEW: Updated Social-Communication Cutoff Scores Available


In late 2022, updated cutoff scores were released for determining eligibility with AEPS®-3 (read the original blog post announcing the news). Since then, there’s been additional analysis on the scores in the Social-Communication area.

To conduct this analysis and update the cutoff scores, the AEPS-3 developers enlisted the help of ten early childhood specialists with advanced degrees and twenty or more years of experience working with children with and without disabilities. These experts independently scored the Social-Communication area goals across all age intervals established for cutoff scores. Mean scores and standard deviations were calculated for each age interval, and new Social-Communication cutoff scores were determined. Access the updated scores here.

The AEPS-3 developers will continue to collect and analyze data to increase the number of children at all age intervals and ensure that the cutoff scores are as accurate and useful as possible. We encourage you to read this document to learn more about using updated AEPS-3 cutoff scores to determine eligibility for IDEA services.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!