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IRR Certification: Now Updated for AEPS-3!


Good news: the AEPS Interrater Reliability Certification has now been updated for AEPS®-3! IRR Certification is an ideal way to ensure that you or your staff are using observation skills to score the AEPS-3 Test correctly and consistently. Developed by AEPS-3 author Jennifer Grisham, this field-tested online certification module is a must for states and districts that require teachers to demonstrate reliability on assessments.

How does IRR Certification work?

Now one seamless module for birth to age six, the AEPS-3 Interrater Reliability Certification takes about 2-4 hours to complete. Users view a narrated training presentation and watch video examples that cover all 8 areas of the AEPS-3 Test: fine motor, gross motor, adaptive, social-emotional, social-communication, cognitive, literacy, and math. While observing children in these naturalistic, closed-captioned videos, users take a practice test and review the correct answers. Then, users complete the certification test, observing and scoring items across every area of the AEPS-3 Test. The online system calculates and reports overall results and results by area immediately—and gives users a chance to review the correct answers and rationale for each score to build their knowledge.


Users who score 80% or higher on the test are certified reliable for three years and can print a certificate. Those with scores that fall below 80% can review the first test and take a second test to try for certification. (A user’s access period for the certification module is valid for one year from the date of purchase.)

What are the benefits?

IRR Certification will help your program:

  • Ensure that AEPS-3 is scored accurately and consistently
  • Pinpoint professional development needs of AEPS-3 users
  • Support accurate data collection for OSEP child outcomes reporting
  • Increase providers’ AEPS-3 knowledge and confidence
  • Boost parent, administrator, and supervisor confidence in the accuracy of child assessment data
  • Allow providers to demonstrate AEPS-3 competence concretely—helpful when planning for advancement or applying for new positions

When AEPS-3 users are certified, you can be confident that your assessment information is reliable: for every child, across observers, across different circumstances, and on different days. And more accurate AEPS-3 results mean better intervention and instructional decisions—and better child outcomes.

Add AEPS-3 IRR Certification to your professional toolbox today!