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AEPS-3 Live Training Seminars


What’s the best way to help your staff members learn AEPS®-3 inside and out? Invest in one of our two-day live training seminars—an engaging, expert-led professional development opportunity that will help your program make the most of the AEPS-3 system. Here’s a quick overview of the seminars and what they can do for your team.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

The AEPS-3 live training seminars are ideal for a wide range of professionals who use AEPS-3, including early interventionists, early childhood educators in general and special education, home visitors, administrators, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and psychologists.

How many people can attend?

AEPS-3 training seminars can accommodate up to 50 people.

Will we have to travel?

No! This seminar is currently offered in a convenient virtual format. All training participants can attend on their computer from the comfort of their own home or office.

Who are the presenters?

The training is conducted by expert speakers involved in the development of AEPS-3: Ching-I Chen, Ph.D.Carmen Dionne, Ph.D., Jennifer Grisham, Ed.D.J.J. Johnson, Ph.D.Marisa Macy, Ph.D.Naomi Rahn, Ph.D., and Misti Waddell, M.S. Our expert speakers take a step-by-step approach that’s designed to make AEPS-3 accessible for all participants.

What will we learn?

Your team will learn how to use AEPS-3 to assess, set goals, plan teaching and intervention, monitor young children’s progress, and support the participation and involvement of families. Through hands-on activities and video exercises, your staff will delve deeply into the material, gaining an in-depth understanding of AEPS-3. The training will cover:

  • an overview of AEPS-3, including the system’s organization and 8 developmental areas
  • best practices for test administration, including authentic assessment, virtual assessment, and group assessment
  • scoring of the assessment, including qualified scoring options new to the third edition
  • use of AEPS-3 for eligibility determination
  • development of IFSP and IEP goals using assessment data
  • linking AEPS-3 data with teaching and intervention using the new multi-tiered, activity-based curriculum
  • an introduction to the new Ready-Set measure for measuring school readiness
  • working with families throughout the assessment and intervention process

How do we book a seminar?

Get started by filling out the Seminar Information Request form linked on this page. If you have any questions, please contact seminars@brookespublishing.com for more details.

Need training for just a few staff members? If your program has only 2-3 people who need training, consider sending them to one of our virtual AEPS-3 Training Institutes, held several times a year. Learn more and see the upcoming dates here.