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Do more with AEPS-3

Are all your kids making real progress?

AEPS®-3 empowers your program to do more for children and families. With its seamlessly linked assessment and curriculum for birth–6, AEPS-3 will help your program track even the smallest steps of progress, collect the data you need when you need it, and transform assessment into action with real-time, richly detailed reports. AEPS-3 is the powerful system your program needs to nurture the development of every child you work with, from the first months of life through kindergarten.

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Free webinar! Learn how AEPS-3 helps you do more

Join a webinar on Tuesday, May 21 at 2:00 p.m. ET with AEPS-3 co-developers and expert trainers Jennifer Grisham, Ed.D., and JJ Johnson, Ph.D. You’ll discover how the AEPS-3 linked system will benefit the children and families in your program.


See the test

AEPS-3 Test items span 8 developmental areas, including Literacy and Math. See all the items with this filled-in version of the AEPS-3 Child Observation Data Form.


Discover the time-saving online system

A highly secure, mobile-friendly system, AEPSi will help you shorten assessment time, meet OSEP reporting mandates, conduct aggregate reporting, and—most importantly—focus on children, not paperwork.


Why AEPS-3?

AEPS-3 delivers on the promise of other tools:

  • Reveals even the smallest steps of progress so you can recognize growth
  • Collects only the data you need—no entering the same information over and over
  • Streamlines administration with customized assessments and automated scoring
  • Real-time, richly detailed reports help you transform assessment into action
  • Shows you what and how to teach children learning at different levels
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AEPS-3 aligns with early learning standards

AEPS-3 can be trusted to help you meet both state and national guidelines for early learning and developmentally appropriate practice.

Have questions about AEPS-3?

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