7.5.23 Crosswalk fo AEPS-3 Test Items header image

NEW: Crosswalk of AEPS-3 Test Items to Child Outcomes


AEPS-3 is designed to assess and improve children’s skills across the board, including the three OSEP Child Outcomes: Positive Social-Emotional Skills, Acquisition and Use of Knowledge and Skills, and Use of Appropriate Behaviors to Meet Needs. Now there’s a helpful crosswalk that shows exactly how AEPS-3 aligns with OSEP outcomes!

The Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center maintains an archive of crosswalks that show how the skills assessed by early childhood instruments align with the child outcomes OSEP requires for Part C and Part B, Section 619 programs. ECTA’s most recent addition is a crosswalk of AEPS-3 test items to child outcomes.

Formatted as an easy-to-read, color-coded table, this crosswalk shows how various AEPS-3 test items (by area and strand) map to the six bundles of skills that comprise each of the OSEP outcomes. In the updated AEPSi system coming soon, this ECTA alignment will be used to help accurately calculate the child’s OSEP categories in the OSEP reporting.

View the crosswalk now, and see how well AEPS-3 addresses the breadth of the three child outcomes your program reports to OSEP.