1.26.24 AEPSi header

AEPSi is now available!


Exciting news for AEPS-3 users: The new AEPSi, your essential web-based management system for AEPS-3, is now available! Fully redesigned to meet the needs of your program, this mobile-friendly, time-saving system is your key to seamlessly linking assessment, goal development, intervention, and evaluation.

Here’s a quick look at some of the key benefits of the new AEPSi:

  • Streamlined assessment. Intuitive and simple to start using right away, AEPSi makes assessment faster and easier. And with the assessment activities in AEPSi, you can complete the entire test for up to 6 children at a time during just a few everyday activities.
  • Automated scoring. AEPSi automatically scores the AEPS-3 Test and generates your paperwork: score summaries, easy-to-read graphs of children’s progress, lists of IFSP/IEP targets, and more.
  • Robust reporting. Run unlimited child, classroom, and program-wide reports. At no extra charge, AEPSi also offers automated OSEP reporting.
  • Easy-to-use curriculum. See at a glance the AEPS-3 test items/skills addressed within each activity, teaching strategies for each tier of each curriculum level, and embedded learning opportunities for children.


Watch a demo of the system today, and see how AEPSi can make your job easier and more efficient—so you can focus on children, not paperwork.