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8 Things to Do During Your AEPSi Free Trial


If you’re interested in trying out the new AEPS®i system for use with AEPS®-3, we offer a no-risk free trial for anyone who wants an inside look. You’ll have a full 30 days to see what AEPSi can do for you—but with so much to explore, you might wonder where to start and how to make the most of your trial period.

To get a full picture of the system’s benefits and robust functionality, here are 8 things you should try during your AEPSi test drive:

  1. Enter a child into the system. See how simple and intuitive it is to add new child records in AEPSi.
  2. Complete an AEPS-3 Test for a child. Enter a score for each goal and objective, including notes to qualify scores and checkmarks for any target skills. Check out the ability to toggle between English and Spanish. Notice how each of the 8 areas is color-coded for easy navigation and matches the colors in the print volumes.
  3. Test out the copy-score functionality by creating a second AEPS-3 Test for the same child. You can choose to copy all scores of 2 (mastered performance) or copy all scores. This function saves you time on subsequent assessments.
  4. Explore the Curriculum. See how the customizable curriculum helps you teach children who are learning at different levels with universal, focused, and specialized strategies. View one of the 18 routines and activities to see Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 teaching and intervention
  5. Use the interactive Skills Matrix to see how each item on the AEPS-3 Test can be addressed in the curriculum. You’ll see small circular icons where the test item intersects with the curriculum routine/activity—the icons are marked B for Beginning level, G for Growing level, and R for Ready level. Click on the icons to go directly to the routine/activity and view the recommended strategies to work on a given skill.
  6. Run a Child Progress Record for a child with a completed AEPS-3 Test. This colorful and friendly report is great for sharing with parents to show the child’s progress and highlight the next skills to work on.
  7. Complete an AEPS-3 Ready-Set for a child. Discover this new, shorter assessment tool for measuring school readiness skills. With 40 items from the AEPS-3 Test across 8 developmental areas, the Ready-Set allows you to quickly assess all the children in your preschool or Head Start classroom for markers of early school success and identify kids who may need a full assessment with AEPS-3.
  8. Explore the Resources section. Lots of help is available inside the AEPSi system if you need it. Once you’re logged into your trial, access the Resources section: here, you can view helpful guides, tutorials, glossary, and a searchable knowledge base.

Start your 30-day free trial of AEPSi today, and see how this mobile-friendly, time-saving system can benefit your program—and help you do more for children and families.